About Us...Who We Are


At Drive Creative Services...

We bring more than 40 years of combined experience encompassing marketing, advertising, graphic arts, sales, company branding, community engagement and team management throughout the tri-county area.

Aligned with our strategic network of Michigan-based partners, we offer our clients top-quality consulting, creative graphic arts and materials at an affordable price.

All of us at Drive Creative Services understand that operating a business in today’s fast-paced world has many challenges. This can be a daunting task, to say the least. With such a variety of advertising platforms available, your marketing dollars could be at risk unless you have a strong, strategic plan set in place for your business.


We pride ourselves with a proactive, personal touch, while staying heavily engaged with marketing trends and shifts specific to your industry.

Our objective is simple: Provide and execute a customized, proactive marketing/advertising plan based on your specific business industry and how it relates to the market you're trying to capture.

This will free up your time to focus on managing your business's daily operations!

Our Mission Statement: To provide high quality marketing solutions for our clients to help them enhance their brand awareness in the market they serve.